Apply one Bytox Hangover Patch at least 45 minutes before consuming alcohol.

  1. Remove the patch from its packaging; hold the patch by the corner.
  2. Apply it to a dry and hairless area on your body. (Please note that when using the patch on a regular basis, apply it to different areas on the body.)
  3. Keep the patch on for at least 8 hours after you’ve stopped consuming alcohol, without exceeding 24 hours. In the meantime, stay hydrated.
  4. The patch will firmly stay on. To take it off, wet the patch with warm water, then gently pull each corner and peel towards the middle. Do not yank of pull the skin!


  1. 把宿醉貼從包裝內取出,沿邊角揭開。
  2. 貼在乾燥及沒有毛髮的皮膚表面上。(請注意,如定期使用宿醉貼,可貼於身體不同部位。)
  3. 宿醉貼可於停止飲酒後8個小時除下,不應貼在皮膚上超過24小時,保持體內水份。
  4. 除下時可用溫水弄濕宿醉貼附近的皮膚表面,然後輕輕拉起宿醉貼的每一角落至中央位置。不應用力拉扯皮膚!


3 Simple Steps

  1. Apply BYTOX – 45 Minutes Before Drinking
  2. Apply directly to a dry, hairless area of your body
  3. Press firmly with the palm of your hand for 5 seconds.
  4. You are ready for party!



Additional info: Ingredients 成份

  • The Bytox Hangover Patch contains the vitamin B complex as well as many other nutrients that are essential in helping your brain and body function on a day-to-day basis. The Bytox patch is safe, as it contains all-natural and organic ingredients made in the U.S.A.
  • INGREDIENTS: Acai Berry 20mg, Vitamin A 1mg, Vitamin B12 1000mcg, Vitamin B2 1.7mg, Vitamin B3 19mg, Vitamin B5 5mg, Vitamin B6 2mg, Folic Acid 4000 mcg, Vitamin D 5mcg, Vitamin E 10mg, Vitamin B1 150mg, Green Tea Extract 10mg. Inactive Ingredients: Acrylic Copolymer Adhesive. The Patch does not contain latex.
    成份:巴西莓20毫克,維生素A為1mg,維生素B12 1000mcg,維生素B2 1.7mg,維生素B3 19mg,維他命原B5 5毫克,維生素B6 2毫克,葉酸4000微克,維生素D 5mcg,維生素E 10毫克,維生素B1為150mg,綠茶提取10毫克。非活性成分:丙烯酸共聚物膠粘劑。該補丁不含乳膠。


Additional info: Warning 警告

  • Warning: For external use only, if pregnant, breastfeeding or under medication, consult with your physician before use. Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases.