Q: What is Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) 2010?
什麼是個人資料保護法案 ( 簡稱「 PDPA 」2010 年)?

A: PDPA is an act enacted by the Malaysian government in 2010 to protect individual’s personal data from being misused in respect of commercial transactions.
PDPA是 2010 年由馬來西亞政府制定的商業交易法案來保護個人資料不被不正當使用。


Q: Where should I place an order?

A: You may place your order thru Bytox Website shopping cart.


Q: How can I pay for my order?

A: We accept payment via Paypal, Credit Card, FPX, direct bank transfer and cheque deposit.
我們接受多种付款方式。如透過 Paypal 、信用卡、 FPX、銀行直接轉帳及支票存款。


Q: How do I pick up my order?
我如何领取已訂的货物呢 ?

A: We will courier the order to you within Malaysia with the rate stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.


Q: Do you have a delivery service outside Klang Valley?

A: Yes, included East Malaysia.

是的 , 包括東馬。


Q: Is BYTOX suitable for anyone?
BYTOX宿醉貼 所有人都適合用嗎 ?

A: Yes. If pregnant, breastfeeding or under medication, consult with your physician before use.
是 。 如果您是孕婦,哺乳或服用藥物人士, 使用前請諮詢您的醫生。


Q: Can BYTOX be reused?
BYTOX宿醉貼可以重複使用嗎 ?

A: No. 同一片BYTOX宿醉貼不可重複使用


Q: What happens if I put on the patch only after or during the drinking?
如果我在喝了酒之后才把BYTOX宿醉貼貼上会有什麽效果呢 ?

A: BYTOX will help but not as much if used in advance as recommend 45 minutes before drinking


Q: If my friend already drunk, can I put on the BYTOX for him/ her? Does it help?
如果我的朋友已經喝醉了 , 还可以貼上 BYTOX 宿醉貼嗎? 是否可協助 ?

A: Yes, on vitamins replenishment and will help him or her to feel energized the next day.
是的, 將幫助他/她補充維他命在隔一天感到活力充沛。


Q: Can I use BYTOX even I’m not having alcoholic drink?
即使我不喝酒依然可以使用 BYTOX 宿醉貼嗎 ?

A: Yes, BYTOX will help you to feel energized the next day
是的, BYTOX 宿醉貼將幫助您在隔一天感覺活力充沛。


Q: Where is the most effective area of the body to put on the BYTOX patch?
把BYTOX 宿醉貼貼在身體的哪一部份是最有效呢 ?

A: Recommended area: Dry, hairless area. E.g.: Arm or upper shoulder.
推薦部份 : 乾燥、无毛區。 例如 : 手臂或上肩。


Q: How fast BYTOX response?
在貼上BYTOX宿醉貼后多久会发挥功效呢 ?

A: 15-30 minutes 分鐘


Q: How is BYTOX different from others hangover products like the drinks and pills?
BYTOX 宿醉貼会与其它hangover 產品不同嗎 (例如飲品和藥丸)?

A: BYTOX doesn’t go through digestive systems and doesn’t lose potency as it trans dermally into the blood stream
BYTOX 宿醉貼不通過消化系統也能有效地从皮肤传送至血流中。


Q: How does the patch works in transmitting the vitamins and nutrients into our body?
宿醉貼如何傳輸維他命及營養素到我們的身體呢 ?

A: Transdermal into the blood stream


Q: I have sensitive skin. Can I use BYTOX?
我有敏感的肌膚还可以使用 BYTOX 嗎 ?

A: Yes 可以,如有红肿或不适,请停止使用。


Q: I’m a seasonal drinker and usually will not experience any hangover. Is BYTOX of any help for me since is a hangover prevention patch.

A: Yes, will help you to feel energized the next day as well as vitamins replenishment.
BYTOX 宿醉貼將補充您維生素让您在隔天感覺活力充沛。